Building a brand sounds like a daunting task. Building your brand will never end as long as you keep developing your website. You want to mainly focus on how you want the users to perceive you and your website. Lets knock the definition of a brand out of the way

"A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer."

You can't build a brand without consistency and maintaining that consistency. You need to start with what that consistency will look like and what you want the user to feel from it.

Pick Your Specific Focus / Audience

The foundation of a brand is knowing the audience you are focusing on.

You will build your brand tailored to what they want, to complete their needs. Think of details about your consumers (lifestyle, thoughts, actions)

Here are a few examples of brainstorming details about your audience:
College students looking to be more frugal
Unemployed looking for a job
Passion to make music a business
Create your specific audience and write it down. This is your basis from now on. Your brand will need to be something they can relate to.

I told you to write this down because it's so important down the line with marketing. You can use this to specify demographics for advertisements, you want this person to be the one to visit your site and respond to a "call to action"

Research Your Market, Target Audience, and Competitors

Against intuition, it is beneficial to have competitors. They have customers already in your niche. That means you know it is profitable and useful.

The key is to look deeply into your competitors and ask yourself "what can I do better?", or "what can I uniquely bring to the table". You want to be different from your competitors, but still with the same mission.

A good exercise is to pretend you are a customer on your competitors websites. Browse around and write down your thoughts. Did you wish their website had a specific section? Did you not like their page design? Did it seem confusing to navigate? Write all these details down. You can use this to your advantage to provide something useful to your audience.

Choose Your Business Name

Now that you understand a bit more about the brand you want to create. You are ready to develop a name for your business.

Write down ideas you have, or just single words of qualities you want to market.

Using this list, you can try to combine words, add different words, interchange letters. Get creative.

Don't stress that your name isn't perfect. As long as your name is resonable, it won't matter once you start marketing your brand with the name.

If you are stuck, consider just using a proper-noun such as your name, it might seem weird at first. But many people find success in branding their name.

While doing this, use HostGator to check if you can use your name for a domain you are content with.

*It is recommended to use a .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain. And be sure to buy the privacy plan upon purchasing to protect your information*

Write Your Slogan

Your slogan will help define the brand focus publicly.

Highlight a key benefit. The point of a slogan is to show differences in your product or brand from that of your competitors, while also showing the company's general mission.

Keep this in mind while writing your slogan:
Keep it concise
Make it memorable (maybe rhythm, or rhyme)
Keep it honest
Choose Your Look (Colors & Fonts)

A consistent unique design for your website will help make it memorable to your audience. Let's choose a font you will stick with.

Look at Google Fonts ( They have a huge variety of free fonts that are ready to be used for web. Try starting with a sans-serif font. It is frequently most popular and easiest to read online.

Now let's choose a color scheme.

A good color scheme is so important to making a website look appealing and authentic. There are so many tools out there to create color schemes. It is also important to use your eyes in the end though. If it looks good to you, use it! If you decide to use a generator and don't like it. Try something else. Adobe Color is an extremely useful resource and is what I personally use.

You can choose the different types of color harmonies. You can choose a main color and find the scheme that fits based on the harmony you select. It gives you the hex / rgb value of all the colors.

Design Your Logo

If you are not a designer and don't know one don't panic. I believe the absolute best way to get a high quality logo for your startup brand is using Fiverr. I've used it countless times and never been unsatified with the results. And, they are usually cheap.

Go on Fiverr and search for logo design, you will find a ton of services and pick the one that you think will be the best for your brand!

If you are going to design your own logo, keep in mind:

  • Minimalism/Simplicity
  • Colors match scheme
  • Displays your type of business

Revisit as the Brand Evolves

So now you should have the basics of your brand all mapped out. Congratulations! You are ready to get started on the website.

Remeber: Your brand will probably change as you go. As you develop more of your site, and more of your audience. It is very common to change and improve aspects of your brand. Revisit all your fundamentals frequently. To ensure your audience receives it the best.

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